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An appeal for Aspen & a change to the dangerous dog bylaw

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To the members of the city counsel, we challenge you to re write the dangerous animal bylaws to reflect that a dog can not be deemed dangerous for being a dog! That full investigations are done by the officers, that both sides be heard! No more of this one sided he/she said it so it's true! If full investigations are not done cases should be tossed and officers who were in charge of those cases are fined!! They need to be held accountable for their actions, poor judgement and misuse of the system!! The city solicitors office needs to provide full disclosure if found not having done so they should be fined! How many more dogs are going to be declared dangerous or put down just because a malicious/grumpy/ or begrudged neighbour or person said they were attacked and without proof of attack happening. Medical documents from a professional must be provided, if not the case should be tossed. Officers investigating alleged attacks should have to go through training as to what a bite is and looks like! This horrible one sidedness, and horrible twisting and mis use of these badly written bylaws need to be amended, and amended now! before anymore dogs are effected/labeled/DESTROYED and families torn apart!!!!

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A link is provided for the go fund me page. More of Cindy's story is explained on her go fund me page!

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