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Unban James Finn on Quora

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So, it seems that one of Quora’s best writers has been banned.

James Finn has for the past year been one of the most prolific — if not the most prolific — writers regarding HIV/AIDS and LGBT+ issues. His answers concerning HIV have supplied invaluable information to those in need. His answers regarding LGBT+ issues have given hope and wisdom to people who desperately needed it.

And, in addition, his well-informed and superbly written answers answers about language, religion, life experience, and many more topics have reached and delighted thousands of people on Quora.

Yet, here we are. He is no longer able to contribute.

It is a personal blow to Jim who has dedicated so much time to Quora and formed friendships on this site, which now will be all the more poorer without his presence. And as you can imagine, it is a personal blow to the rest of us who call Jim our friend.

Should anyone who works for Quora be reading, I simply say this: Unban James Finn.

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