People Of New Albany Caring for its Community and its Homeless

People Of New Albany Caring for its Community and its Homeless

July 16, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by sara johnson

New Albany Indiana was once where many would run toward FREEDOM.  That is our History.  The history of the underground railroad.  That is why this city would be the perfect place to solve the stigma of the homeless by not letting them feel that away. 

Community Family Thank You For Your Love



What if we can be the 1st to find a easy solution that lifts anyone and every one up by providing the basic tools and resources that one needs.  We can not solve our homelessness situation.  That is impossible.  However, we can have a community that brings love to all lives.  Maybe provide someone on the streets a place to go to wash their bodies and cloths.  This is the facility of hope where compassion and caring are at the very door.  A place to be safe.  To give back.  To have to learn new skills of accountability.  A place open 24/7 for someone to take a quick rest for an interview, job or volunteer opportunity.  A place where the people utilizing the facility have a safe place to be proud of that is their own.  Ran by them, cleaned by them, an opportunity for them to pay back for the use of the facility by volunteering in it.  Unlike a homeless shelter this facility does not offer meals of any kind.  And the spots to rest are only for an hour or two.  This spot is a resource for those suffering in homelessness, addiction and mental illness by providing them with tools and skills that will build them up.   

  • A GRANT would be written for the building
  • The County would be Responsible for utilities and water
  • Community members may wash cloths, shower or rest any time in exchange3 for volunteering to help clean up the facility or work in community garden.
  • Those suffering with mental illness and can not clean up after themselves must bring another responsible for them 
  • To use the facility one must sign in and out of the areas that they are using.  This is accountability to themselves and others and ensures that everyone is picking up after their self.
  • Once one is finished using a resource they sign out of that resource stating that it is prepped for the next person.
  • If the next person finds that room or resource is a mess then the last person in that room will no longer get to utilize those tools for a time period.
  • It puts to use old buildings instead of letting them decrease the value of the lands around them
  • If restores the spirit of our town
  • We can solve the stigma for our homeless by not letting them feel homeless
  • No food served in these facilities it is just a rest stop for someone needing the amenities that it provides
  • Dumpsters outside
  • No couches only chairs in the laundry rooms for when laundry is being washed.

We are get the chance to strengthen our community and all the lives within it as a team in compassion.  By signing this petition you are saying to those who can make this possibility that we want to live in a safe community where everyone no matter our situation has the opportunity and resources to live their best life.  It is bringing honor to our communities heritage.

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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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