NO LNG in Charlton, MA

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Sign the petition to oppose the proposed 2 million gallon UNTESTED LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tank and processing center on Rte 169 or Rte 20 in Charlton MA. ALL THE RISK to the Community and ZERO BENEFITS! The process has been extremely limited and there are NO safety plans in place (NO commitments to support Charlton emergency services). There have been NO traffic studies (Rte 169 is one of the ONLY ways to Southbridge- Rte 20 has been very dangerous on that stretch with additional traffic of TreeHouse Brewery - and always the spilloff from the MassPike) (24 hr day TANKERS full of LNG - travelling MassPike to Rte 20 to Rte 169) There has been NO MEPA review (In fact - the site has been changed in order to AVOID that) There has been NO noise studies (24hr a day plant near residences that havent even been shown on the 1 plan provided to the public) Northeast Energy has asked the Commonwealth of MA to overide the local municipal laws of Charlton - In FACT: the Charlton Health Board had not even been notified as of May 29, 2019 even though it has been an ongoing limited process since 2016. None of the affected town's health board has been notified). At the meeting - the state overseer agreed to EXTEND the public status (intervener etc..) process and then declined in the following days. WE ARE ASKING FOR THIS PROCESS TO BE TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY , if not, then with restriction and proper PUBLIC notofications and MANDATORY studies. Visit Citizens Against LNG in Charlton on Facebook for more information!