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As lawyers in India today, we strongly feel that the work done by Senior Advocates Indira Jaising and Anand Grover, and the Lawyers Collective (LC) does not go unnoticed. Ms. Jaising, along with her team in the LC has been the key in pushing development in the field of women’s rights, by advocating for legislations for domestic violence, or agitating against sexual harassment, or fighting for menstruation to not be a condition for exercising right to religion. She approached the Supreme Court seeking its intervention in the rampant lynchings of minorities across the country, transparent processes for designation of senior advocates and seeking a creche facility in the Supreme Court. 

Mr. Anand Grover, along with his team in the LC has had an immense role in fighting for rights of HIV affected individuals, sex workers, de-criminalization of consensual homosexual sex, and rights of transgenders and drug users. They have been at the forefront of seeking affordable medicines and against pharmaceutical patents.  They have also been key in the battle against death penalty.

All their work is in accord with the rights and goals in our constitution.

In the recent allegation of sexual harassment against the Chief Justice of India, Ms. Jaising was vocal in her opinion against the procedure in which the inquiry panel was set up and the inquiry was conducted. A few days after that, a writ petition was filed against her, Mr. Grover, and Lawyers Collective by an NGO, seeking the filing of an FIR against them. Clearly, this has been done to stifle the voice of justice.

The contribution of Ms. Jaising, Mr. Grover and the Lawyers Collective to the field of human rights in India cannot be emphasized enough. We are inspired by their commitment, dedication, and support to the cause of human rights.

India needs more leaders and human rights defenders like them. We stand in solidarity, and support with all of them in their fight for better healthcare, rights of minorities, and a transparent and more accountable governance system and to stop their persecution.

Justice Kurian Joseph, post his retirement as a judge of the Supreme Court, had said, “Silence of the law men do more damage to society than the violence of lawless men.

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”  - Haile Selassie 

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