Sant Baldev Singh Rathor Founder & Chief Anti Crime Bureau nominated for Padma Shri Award

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I am born in a poor family with seven siblings. My schooling is from Govt. School. During this period I used to do the work of rickshaw pulling to raise my school fee. When I was in 9th standard I joined Indian Army Bombay Engineer Group and Center Kirkee Pune. After completed the training I was posted in 118 Engineer Regiment. Thereafter, I completed my education in Army. For higher education I joined Indira Gandhi National Open University from where I completed only BA 2nd year. I passed course in CEIJ from College of Military Engineer Pune In 1987 I participated in National Cross country Championship. I served in Indian Army for 17 years with exemplary character. After retiring from Army in the year 2000. In 2003 I started an NGO Anti Crime Bureau to serve the nation. This NGO is working in India and abroad. According to me independent bodies like NGO should be encouraged because every citizen of a country cannot participate in direct administration and development of the nation by being part of administrative bodies. Thereafter, citizen can participate through these NGOs to contribute to toward development of the country. Our young generation can be engaged in more and more national integration activities. It will promote a sense of fraternity amongst them. It provides a platform to them to work for nation, become self reliant and independent. With this view point our NGO had established more than 600 training centers in various parts of the whole state of Punjab. These centers provided training in cutting tailoring and beauty parlor services to women folk so that they can earn and become self reliant and independent. All these centers were working without any government funds or grants. I have rendered a self less services to nation for 17 years through Army and from 2003 till now through our NGO. I have served the nation through legal fraternity also. I have worked in legal cell services under the Legal Services Authority Act in Amritsar District. I had conducted various legal seminars and remained member in various Lok Adalats and helped to dispose of pending litigations. Various blood donation camps and Traffic Rules Awareness and Traffic Checking camps were also organized by Anti Crime Bureau. Photographs and news reports of all activities are attached herewith this application which is self evident of my work through Anti Crime Bureau and others for the nation. Few years back on receiving information that the police of Jammu and Kashmir had detained some young boys who had gone to pay homage to Vaishno Devi temple. Police had arrested them on false pretext of being terrorist. I along with my team had rescued them from the unlawful detention and torture of Jammu and Kashmir Police. During that rescue few others who were also languishing in police station for atleast one year were also rescued. One person among them was escorted to his native village Malout in Punjab. His family was shocked to see him alive as they were left with no hope of his being alive. He was lying in police custody for one year which amounted to illegal detention. This NGO has worked for revealing police atrocities at various instances. It has co-operated with police and judiciary to eliminate crime from society. In 2015 I Established Vishav Sant Parishad with the object of bringing all religions on one platform. It will promote the secular character of our nation. Recently an Investigation and Legal Action Committee, Legal Advisory Committee, Eagle Eye Committee has been constituted consisting of retired Justice-16, Supreme Court Advocate-3, retired most senior IPS police officer DGP-5 to keep a check on various religious denominations. We are to seek directions from Honorable High Court and Supreme Court of India to work for the desired object under the guidance of these judicial bodies so as avoid ant social activities going on these religious bodies and like the ones which came in light in Dera Sacha Sauda case, Bapu Aasa Ram case and many more. Investigation and Legal Action Committee consists-5 members Justice-2, IPS Officer-2, IAS Officer-1, Legal Advisory committee consists -5 members Advocate. Eagle Eye Committee consists Force, Armed Force, NGO and Media Members as per requirement.