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Extra Judicial Killing

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Extra judicial Killings ---- Facing the new issue of the Philippines

Have you ever heard about this? Do you know the people who are involved in this timely issue? Well let’s talk about it. Let’s talk how this issue can make our country worst.
I guess you heard this issue everywhere, anywhere and anytime. Social, Television and even in your surroundings, you can always hear about this. What’s with this issue? I researched about it and it tells about the government authorities killing a person without a sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process. To make it simple, government authorities kills a person without any proof that the person is taking up on drugs or anything that is illegal. But is it right to kill people without giving some proofs?
In the past few days, we heard about teens getting killed by policemen. And their reason about killing those teens are “they are taking up drugs”. But how would you know? How did they know? For me, most teenagers that been killed by them are not using it. Getting killed by policemen in the middle of the night, late afternoon and those teenagers were wearing their uniforms, is that even acceptable? They didn’t even know the background of those teens that been killed. Instead they’ll make some statements that will surely people will believe on them.
I don’t even know what’s the positive effect of this execution. I feel bad for the family of the victims, they need justice but they can’t even have it. Government doesn’t even have the guts to make things more clearer and to clean up this mess they’ve made. I’d rather write this quotation to end this essay, “There is human, but no humanity".


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