Urge SeaWorld To Send Orca’s To Sea Sancturies & End It’s Use Of Animals NOW!

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It's been more than four years since the release of the documentary Blackfish—whose "star", Tilikum recently died after 33 years in a concrete tank at Seaworld Orlando, Florida Park on 6th January 2017. On 9th January 2017, after SeaWorld, San Diego heard this news, they reported “The show that featured killer whales cavorting with trainers and leaping high out of the Shamu Stadium Pool will have it’s final performances on Sunday”. After 1year & 3 months reporting this, they still to this very date perform Orca shows to huge crowds of people on a daily basis starting from $59.99+ for a single day pass. —But Orcas at SeaWorld are still swimming in endless circles and breaking their teeth by gnawing in frustration on the concrete corners and metal bars of their tiny tanks.

Most Orcas are captured and taken away from their Mother and family at such a small age. They’re then captivated into small tanks with other Orcas, older or younger than them and being forced to train and act. Knowing that thousands of people out there are still willing to pay and watch these magnificent, peaceful creatures peform with 2+ of their peers in a small tank at the same time blows my mind. 

The only thing that people learn from visiting a SeaWorld theme park is how miserable life is for the animals prisoned there. Children see mere shadows of animals, defeated beings who can't engage in natural behavior or live as nature intended. Marine parks teach the wrong lesson: that it's acceptable to imprison animals, deprive them of freedom, of movement, forbid them the chance to establish natural territory and explore, breed, and group them as humans watch them go insane from frustration and loneliness.

Now, we as warm-hearted humans must urge SeaWorld to open its tanks and release the long-suffering animals into sea sanctuaries—where they would live in large areas of the ocean while benefiting from human care for as long as they might need, so that they can have some life outside of prison tanks. 

With all your signatures for my petition, I will make sure PETA or other organisations informed, hear our message clearly and a HUGE difference will be made. This means so much to me and causes me great upset and frustration hearing about the grieving, lonely Orcas at SeaWorld captavited in tanks that are equivalent to a bath-tub to them and deaths of the ones who just don’t want to live like that anymore.


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