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stop greyhound racing

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Have you ever went to saw a greyhound race? Do you ever wonder what happens to the dogs when there done racing? Well I’m here to answer that on going qestion. First they are the fastest dog in the world but it doesn’t mean that we should use them for racing how would you feel if you were forced to race on and on again you probably would have not enjoyed it right? Well we should think about what the greyhounds feel. Now this is when they are done racing one person said “if there a anyone to be indicated here, it’s the industry because of what there doing to these animals. The misery begins when they are born the misery ends when my client puts a bullet in its head”. This quote shows that they are in misery when there born and than ends when there supposedly “loving owners” they were sold to kills them. Now how do you know when your greyhound is done racing well either they lose many times, get injured while on the track, collapse of exhaustion, die in transportation. So please don’t go or watch greyhounds if you catch a breader trying to sell greyhounds for racing stop them. Go find out more information about greyhounds at Greyhound racing: Death in the fast lane.

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