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Stop the Animal Cruelty in Philippines.

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        There is human rights, women and children rights even criminal  have rights and etc , but...where is animal rights in Philippines. Yes there is animal rights but only to endangered species. In people's eyes and mind, animals are just animals who can't understand and they have no emotions just mindless creatures. It hurts me seeing animals in the street just as dog and cats being abused and died in hunger sometimes they're being hit and run by some vehicles passing by and didn't bother to stop or slow down.

Every time I went home from school I always see dead cats lying on the sidewalk as I pass pass by. I'm an animal lover and I have a pet cat, and whenever I see them dead body of dog or cat I wanted to cry. My father told me that we shouldn't hurt them or kill them,they have life and they too being created by God. I am angry at the people who doesn't bother to help or save the animals being crashed/hit by a car or they just don't care.

        In Philippines, there is also dog and cat as food mostly are dogs. I can't believe that, me as also a Filifino, appalled to my fellow Filifinos. They too abuse and use the poor creatures for their benefits.  Sometimes I always see children hurting cats from the street tormenting and treated them as their play toy just for their entertainment and their parents let them be. My siblings and I decided to adopt and protect them from the children who loves hurting animals.



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