Stop animal cruelty in the Russian circuses

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Watching tigers jump through burning hoops, bears riding bicycles and monkeys acting like humans, we can't help but appreciate how smart animals are and, most importantly, we are led to believe they take pleasure in performing their tricks. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. If the public knew what often happens behind the scenes of the circus, they would be less inclined to support the industry.

Animal training, in its essence, is often a humiliating and painful procedure that suppresses the will of the animal. Hunger and fear are often used as motivation to obey. The disobedient quadrupeds who resist occasionally succumb to death from the beatings they received. Humans have mocked these defenseless animals for years, and now it is time to say "enough". Animals are not toys, they are living beings! Would parents act as cruelly with their children? 

The animals are often kept in terrible living conditions. Becoming a circus animal means forever losing freedom with 95% of their time is spent alone. They are often kept in cramped cells where it is impossible to stand up and turn around, often causing deformation of the joints.

By watching the circus performances with animals, we become witnesses of their silent suffering. Our complacency harms the health of the animals and it harms the moral health of the nation. Our task is to raise consciousness within our society to end the cruel treatment of animals.

Please, help Russia to change legislation to end animal cruelty in circuses.