Stop allowing pet owners to put their dogs down at a vet without any medical reason!!

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Any human that owns a cat or dog  can go to the vet and get their dog or cat killed without any reasoning behind it but the simple fact that they don’t want it anymore and by law the vet has to listen to the owner and kill them whether they veterinarian wants to or not. Cats and dogs are not just pets or animals they are apart of your family and it is not fair to kill them just because of selfish reasons. There should be a law all around Australia that stops these innocent, adorable, loyal and beautiful dogs and cats from getting killed, because how would you feel if you were apart of a family who you thought loved you back, and then realise that they took you to the doctors to kill you because they realised that they don’t want you anymore. I know I would be devastated and heartbroken. So please don’t allow this awful to thing to happen.