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Dear Public!, 

On the 18th of August 2017 (Friday evening) at Tramore Racecourse, Wellknown Jockey Davy Russell was getting ready with his Racehorse (King's Dolly) ready to race, and he punched his horse violently in the head!. Davy is 38 years old and apparently professional!, u would think at this age - that he would know better?, surely he wouldn't want his Daughters or Wife to see him using such nasty antics!, or who knows... maybe he may use this behaviour on them if he can't help it!.

This is a big problem for animals... PEOPLE!, animals deserve better as they: FEEL, BLEED, HEAR, SENSE, GET HUNGRY, GET SCARED and LOVE... just like us!. You'd think in the 21st Century humans would be a bit more clever!. There's so much Animal Cruelty in the world � because we don't stop it, but now you have a chance, to move one step closer to helping. 

@Betracingnation (Pete, from Turf TV, Racing U.K, stated... "Not right for anyone to whack someone around the head at work, in frustration!." 

Public!, don't you at least want to see 'Davy Russell get punishment?, in this day and age he'll probably receive hardly nothing, but isn't it worth a try?.

If you can't be bothered to do this for the horse!, please do it for me... I know you don't know me, but I'm 15, and am trying to work hard - for my career and the animals!, i would be truly grateful, for helping this innocent animal. XOXO. Follow me on twitter @EmBSTYLE To support, and see how this petitions getting on. 

'Russell is also the jockey for some of your favourite horses that were in the 'Grandnational!'... 'Lord Windermere' & 'Sir Des Champs', now, do you really want to find out that he's been doing this to them next?. 

Please sign!, we need over 10,000 Signatures, thank-you, 'If Animals could talk... they'd Thanku.' Take a couple of minutes out of your life and be proud that you've done a great deed for the day!. Xoxo Yours sincerely EM-B! Xx �  "The love ❤️ for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man!." - Charles Darwin 

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