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MPs Do Not Feel Pain or Emotion

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MPs recently "voted" that animals feel no pain or emotion into the brexit bill. What an utterly ridiculous statement to make. And for what purpose? An attempt to justify the undoing the ban on foxhunting (or any other "leisurely" hunting, for that matter)? Clearly these people feel no pain or emotion either if they're willing to make such a bold call as this!

Let's try and support this petition enough to at least get it noticed. Even better, imagine if this got noticed enough for those same people to have to discuss the same matter but with themselves in question. You'd hope it'd open their eyes a little and have them wonder how they arrived at such an outrageous outcome!

We can't let stupidity like this carry on, especially when it's from those who are in a position to make and actually enforce such unbelievable decisions like this.

Please support, please share, and please let's them hear just how ignorant this decision is!

Thank you.


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