Marshall Ferret Breeder is Un-Ethical!

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Marshall Ferret Breeder is a Ferret Breeder with 75+ years experience breeding ferrets. They are the biggest ferret breeder in the USA. Although Marshall’s has 75+ years experience breeding and caring for ferrets they are still cruel and un-ethical. Marshall’s has a bio-resource animal testing lab (which in a lot of people’s opinion is very cruel). As well as a animal testing lab, Marshall’s also has some very unhealthy foods for ferrets. These foods are all marshall’s brand names. They include: Marshall Premium, Marshall Carnivore Plus, Marshall Senior, & Marshall Select (Chicken flavour). Since ferrets are ‘obligate carnivores’ these foods have unhealthy ingredients for ferrets such as: Corn, Corn meal, Peas,  Pea Protein etc. I have personal experience of feeding my ferrets Marshall Premium Ferret Diet. Marshall Ferret Breeder also neuters/spays and de-scents ferrets very young. That can cause some ferrets to have health problems. My ferret Ozzy passed away when he was just under 1 year old, due to bladder stones. He was very young and it was very heartbreaking to my entire family. We took Ozzy to one of my local emergency vet clinics. He was examined, then later that day put to sleep. His vet visit cost around 2,000 to 3,000 dollars. PLEASE SHARE AND SIGN! Thank you to anyone and everyone for reading this!