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THIS PHOTO HAS A STORY BEHIND. this dog belongs to a famous social media influenser that has more than 600k followers. 2 days ago he bought a Chow Chow dog in Kuwait where the weather is over 50 degrees. he left his furry dog in the trunk of his car with no window open or anything. next thing he dose is leaving his dog alone for hours in the flaming hot weather, the poor dog had a heat stroke and jumped to the pool hoping to cool himself down but couldn't come out the pool. he kept swimming hoping some one would save him. unfortunately the dog drowned. what his owner did when he saw his dog dead in the pool was take a snap chat video of the dog and laughing at him saying the dog son of a dog committed suicide. the very next day he bought another dog of the same breed. his instagram account is @3bodka . please report his account and help bring attention to what he did to international animal organizations. 


in the middle east animals are considered a toy. people torture and poison animals daily i have all the videos and evidence. you will see people tying up dogs to a car and killing them, kids poping cats eyes out and breaking dogs legs. hits and run every where. this petition will help me get international attention to whats happening in Kuwait and then the Kuwaiti government will be forced to do something.