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Get Elephant Trekking/Riding banned in Thailand! #savetheelephants

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The society we live in today is cruel, especially when we still allow such vile acts towards poor innocent animals. Have you ever participated in Elephant Riding/Trekking or Shows? Encouraging acts such as these just to cross something off your bucket list or to simply 'experience' such things must mean that you aren't aware of what these gentle giants are put through. But living the high life just to post a new profile picture or to go home and tell friends, is it really worth it just for your 'pleasure'? You tell me.

They are beautiful, well-natured animals and whilst I am all for supporting tourism, these acts are nothing but heartless and inhumane. Elephant sanctuaries will allow you to have just as great, if not better, experience. The difference is, these amazing animals are far happier living in much better conditions.

Did you know their spines are breaking because of this vile tourism? So many baby elephants are taken from their mother just so that heartless tourists can ride on their back. They are chained up before they are taken round to be ridden all day in the scorching hot heat. 

Having visited a sanctuary, I have experienced seeing happy elephants splashing around, and baby elephants with their parents. It is a big difference to stories I've heard and photos I've seen where animals are being exploited. But if we can get trekking, riding and shows banned, then we could try and give more elephants a much better life living in a sanctuary.

Please follow and support this campaign if you feel strongly against Animal cruelty! 

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