Feed PETA Officials to Australian Livestock

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Time and time again, the organisation known as "PETA" or "People for the (un)Ethical Treatment of Animals" plague the land with lies and falsehoods about any and every industry that relies upon animal products. Their ignorance on topics such as sheep shearing, docking lamb tails and milk production has shown the world that no matter how serious and passionate they are about what they say, they are full of lies and are not to be taken seriously. 

Recently, PETA has started attacking Australian farmers over their inability to feed their livestock due to severe drought rather than trying to help the farmers better the lives of their livestock.

The disease known as "PETA" and the severe drought that our farmers must battle are serious issues that need our immediate attention and to be dealt with. This is where we get two birds with one stone with one simple solution. We turn PETA officials into feed for our livestock. The matter in which this is done will be decided by health and agriculture experts but they will likely be turned into vitamin and protein rich pellets. No longer will honest and hard working Australians be hassled by those who assume they know everything because they saw it on BuzzFeed once and Australian livestock will have plenty of feed to last a lifetime.
It's a win-win situation. 

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