Ethical treatment of animals in meat production

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I want to make sure that animals live a life free of cruelty, Unlike factory farms, 

Factory farms are very cruel to the animals. For example pregnant sows  are housed in tiny cages where they cannot move let alone turn around causing the pigs to get very stressed. They get many health issues such as infected gums from chewing on the metal bars along with leg, feet and back issues, from standing on concrete 24-7. The pigs kept in these cages have no muscle, are just full of fat, and can get diseases from standing in their urine and faeces.

 Chickens are affected by factory farms because they are forced into cages with 3-20 other chickens and get about an A4 size of paper of room each. They are forced to live on angled floors so their eggs can roll out into to little gutters.  Baby boy chicks are minced alive as they are not great for human consumption or egg laying. Some of the health problems from being squished in a tiny cage is broken bones such as wings, bad feet, overgrown nails, chronic pains. A very sad existence for the majority of their short life.