Dogs don't deserve CRUELTY!

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Cruelty-free, love, care and feeling: these are the things that should be considered when having dogs as pet or even just coming across to them. There are lots of controversy talking about animal cruelty especially dogs. There is much less disagreement on the consequences of accepting that animals have rights. Animal rights do not allow some things to be done to them. It is important to avoid doing some things to them they should not bred and killed for food according to the animal rights surrounding them and the ethics behind it.

Our petition should be realized for our mission is to end the needless suffering of dogs. Be one of us in helping dogs to be safe and not to be beaten. Let's take the risk of shouting to the world of how dogs brings color and accompaniment to everyone for it has been known that dogs are man's best friend.

The main reason is that dogs have same rights and deserved to be treated just like how we treat people. Like human being, dogs are also aware and conscious that they exist. They have feelings and they also know what is happening to them. Animals therefore have inherent values like human beings and thus they are entitled the same rights to human.

Dogs deserve love as much as what they gave us. 

The main reason why a dog should not be hit is because it is unjust. Dogs are loyal companions and unlike humans, they are not of a vindictive nature. When dogs upset owners, it is very likely not because he or she is being unruly or naughty, rather, dogs simply act as nature intended them to. They will not stop engaging in a behavior simply because they do not understand our standards and rules.

When a dog is hit or beat, pain is applied to the sensitive parts of the dog's body, for example, the ears or the muzzle. The pain is used as an unenjoyable stimulus. If applied with the right amount of force and at the right time, a stimulus will interrupt a current behavior and cause the dog to stop in an effort to avoid further pain and stress. Some methods, such as shaking a can of pennies uses an unpleasant sound to discourage bad behavior.


As you are much considering to help us, your willingness and strong capability would be highly thanked and appreciated. You can contact us at 09382957822 or email us at Let us make the world a better place by protecting dogs from cruelty and giving them the care that they deserve.