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Cosmetically altering a dog's appearance by preforming unnecessary, severely painful, procedures with no beneficial purpose to the dog has been banned in 20 other countries and the United States has fallen behind. Help us, take a stand in helping the country step up! We have to stand up for what's right and bring it to the attention of legislators! Owners are forcing their "beloved pets" to undergo traumatic, excessively bloody, and painful aesthetic surgeries. In case you didn't know, these surgeries require cutting through muscles, tendons, highly sensitives nerves. Not to mention, severing bone while cutting through cartilage connections because "it goes with the look." Your pet shouldn't have to look a certain way to have your approval. Standards are changing, because there isn't anything beautiful about mutilating the body of our four legged friends. These procedures are extreme, and the aftermath is too. Not only do the dogs have a gruesome healing process that is not always even a guaranteed success, they're robbed of their communication with other dogs and their owners as well. Docking the tail and cropping ears socially handicaps a dog, and can lead to other medical conditions such as nerve tumors. Dogs are not handbags or accessories to parade around. Dogs are not for us to redesign as we please just to have a certain appeal. Dogs are not ours. We should only want the best for our furry friends, seeing them happy and healthy. Please help speak for the pups who can't speak for themselves and put an end to punishing our pets to please ourselves!

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