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Ban Animal Testing in the UK

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Animal testing should be banned. It is inhumane, unnecessary and just evil. For animal lovers ( like myself ) it is heartbreaking to come across videos, pictures, posters etc of this vile pain inflicted on animals. However reporting photos and videos of animal testing will not actually stop it from happening, that's why we need to stop it completely in the UK. The people who actually make the products know what/what not to put in the products, so why continue to test?, also animals aren't going to be the ones using the products, they will have completely different reactions than a human. I cannot believe that the suffering of animals is actually legal, however if it was to be performed on an animal at home, and not a lab, it would be 'animal abuse'. So why is pouring shampoo in rabbits eyes, sewing eyes shut, damaging their skin, gassing rats and just killing them okay? This has to stop.

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