Animals well-being, Criminal reduction

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" Animals Well-being , Crime/Criminals Reduction"

       My sole aim by this is to bring forward the idea of testing of cosmetics and other drugs on criminals arrested for serious crimes such as rape, etc. instead of testing these chemicals on innocent animals. 

      This would reduce the number of such crimes committed. Reason being there are no harsh punishments for rapists in our country and there are people in our society who believe such crimes are easy to get away with. So in order to make such people fear, the government should ensure that such criminals suffer throughout their life (and curse their own self for what they did)  by testing drugs, cosmetics, etc. on them. 

This in my view serves following purposes,  that are :

1) exemption of innocent animals from such harsh treatments.

2) Reduction of crime in country

3) Each one gets what they deserve not because of their destiny but because of their own wrong deeds.

4) Females will feel more safe. 

5) Some place might get  a better name than being called 'the Rape-Capital of the country'. 

6) Capital punishment for these crimes might not be necessary then.

7) Our zoos will be full of healthy, happy animals. 

I am a PETA person and an Indian who wishes to see this Nation Crime, Corruption free.Give a thought to this and to the root cause of such heinous crimes and you will yourself find how legit it is.

Sign this petition right-away for your support and let us join our hands together to not only make this nation but this world a better place to live in for everyone irrespective of caste, creed, gender ,nationalities, etc.