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Don't break someone's heart.

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This a message to all those people who fake love or get into a relationship for benefits and leave them.

Break-ups. Why do people break up? In most of the cases, it's just a silly fight, and then, to show off their ego they leave and then they send "THE" message, "I don't think this is going to workout. We weren't meant to be. Don't text me again. It's over." Yes, this beautiful breakup message. It would've been nice if you took this time to write a beautiful message for your companion to make them happy. If you weren't sure of it, then why did you let all this happen? What if the person had a lot of hopes with you? Telling them not to talk to you would kill them to death.

Think of this, you buy a home. You stay in it for a few days and you just don't wanna leave it. You keep things messed up and untidy at home.
What if the home told you to go away and never come back again? Wouldn't you feel bad or broken? Home never says this to you, because even though you did things which were wrong, it's still going to love you. Always.

The point is, if you love someone, it shouldn't be a problem adjusting with them. People, please get into relationships only if you really wish to be with them forever because you never know what it really is, to lose a person who you loved the most. The one you thought of spending your life with. They may never fall in love again. They forget what love is and what it is when someone loves you. In some cases people even suicide and you are the only one who was responsible for this.

If you find your true love, hug them tight, tell them you love them and always be with them, no matter what! This is what love is. Understanding each other, sharing all your secrets, your ups, your downs. Nothing is disliked in love, because this why you love them. They are imperfectly perfect.

This message is not only for the boys who leave girls, but also the girls who leave the boys. Boys have feelings too. Hope this has changed you :)

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