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Approve my pot belly pig as a pet to keep him in my home in Penticton!!!!!

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By law has visited me, explaining that I'm breaking by law by having a pig (livestock) in city limits. By baby (BB) is a black pot belly pig that will not get bigger then a fat spaniel dog. He is smarter and cleaner then most dogs and pot belly pigs are a domesticated pet. They are super intelligent and are raised as pets NOT FOR FOOD!! If the case where a pig is livestock even if it's a pot belly, what about guinea pigs?? How are we allowed to have chickens in the city but not a house pot belly pig?? He is house trained and goes outside for his business and sleeps in bed with us like any house hold pet would. He is quite and doesn't bark, he is not mean and does not bite. I need help from my community to make these points. Please help me have pot belly pigs exempt from this by law of pigs not allowed in city limits. I would understand if he was an actual hog being raised for food and got as big as a truck but he is a small house pet that is loved and raised as so!!!!! Thank you for your time!!! Blessed be!!

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