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Better support for Military families seeking infertility/adoption assistance

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I have proudly served my country for 8 years with 2 deployments. I have sacrificed for my country with no regrets. I want to give my wife a child that she wants and deserves. This has proven to be an uphill battle for us and we are not alone.There are hundreds of families in the military that suffer infertility issues. TRICARE Medical does not cover IVF and costs can rise to $5,000-$10,000 dollars that comes out of their pockets. Some companies will give a "discount" to military but they are only in certain locations. This would cause the service member to have to travel very far on their own dime making the discount void. Adoption fees can range up to $40,000 and the military will give a $2,000 reimbursement only if the child is an infant, disabled, from a foreign country or if it is a single parent adoption. I am currently going through the struggle with infertility. I have what is called a Vericocele which I have already had surgery on once. It was unsuccessful and they will not do it again. Vericocele is common in younger men and can be painful. The surgery did get rid of the pain but left me with the struggle of making my wife a mother. Wanting a child is a want not necessarily a need. A teacher in my past told me that a "want is a way of expressing a need". Wanting to be parents (good ones) is a way of expressing a need for something more. Some have dreamed of being parents for years with no success. I personally know the pain I feel every time I see a child neglected in a hot vehicle or otherwise by their parents. Please help those of us that want to create life or make the life of a child in need better. 

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