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Weekly red bin rubbish collections

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The people of Penrith and surrounding suburbs are not happy with having their red bin only collected every fortnight unless they are willing to pay extra to order a larger bin or add a weekly pick up to their bin collection. With rates on the increase every year we are finding we are getting less for our money than other suburbs under different councils. Families are finding that they have no room left after a few days, there for things such as nappies, other sanitary items and general rubbish is being left sitting in an over flowing bin for 2 weeks attracting flys, birds and maggots. It's extremely disgusting and is a health and wellbeing issue when it comes to hygiene standards in our community. we should not be forced into having to pay for extra bin services when other councils offer weekly red bin removal. From what we have even told the rubbish removal contract is up for renewal in 2017!!

We are all for green organic bins and recycling bins, we are conscious of what's going into our bins and are doing what we are supposed to but each household functions differently. One of the main issues is it is very  unhygienic to have General waste sitting for 2 weeks waiting to be picked up and then placing rubbish around the house to wait until we have more room once it's emptied, it causes environmental and health issues. What about the elderly who have to wear adult nappies? its not just families with babies that struggle, it's also family's that are caring for our elderly or special needs family members. 
Regardless of if it was $1 extra a week or $100 extra a week that's not the point we are trying to make here ... and whether or not your bin is half full or overflowing after 7 days it SHOULD be collected weekly  no matter what for the cleanliness and health of our communities.
There is a solution here .. studies show that the 4 "free" council pick ups you are allocated a year ( which you actually pay for in your rates ) are not being used by everyone ..
We would much rather a weekly pickup that we NEED over a council pick up that We don't use as much . If we reduce yearly pick ups to two the money that is saved can go back into funding weekly pickups as these are paid for weather that are used or not and the turn around time for them is up to four weeks. Unused pickups are forfeited and the wate company still pockets the money.
Put the money into something we want....weekly pick ups and offer two yearly cleanup a per household. Additional pickups can still be purchased for those but the weekly bin service would be free.
We don't want Penrith receiving the tittle of the city with the most rodents again next time they conduct the study.

This needs to change !!! We deserve the same schedule as other suburbs  




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