Don’t cross out Crossbones Gallery

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“Local Council is killing Local Business and Local Jobs.”

For many months we have been stuck in the election eco chamber as the major parties claiming to be for Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. 

But for 3 years now, Brenton and Michael of Crossbones Gallery, have been under the thumb of Penrith City Council, who seem intent on killing off this small business. In fact it has gotten so bad that friends and business partners Brenton and Michael now have to take Council to the Land & Environment Court just to keep the business trading. 

The gents have bent over backwards to meet regulations and conditions, but it would appear that Penrith City Council has just decided they don’t want this business to succeed. Penrith City Council has determined itself to have the power to limit trading hours [only 5], limit staff numbers [only 2] and limit work product. I happen to believe that is ridiculous and almost tyrannous. I was gobsmacked to hear about these conditions.

Simply put the conditions would cause the business to run at a huge loss and quickly go out of business. That would be a lose of a great mixed business that offers an art gallery, function centre, training premises, printing services, graphic design services, photography studio, signage production, art production workshop, warehouse and distribution centre, tattooist and trade supply business.

The only thing standing in the way of success is one signature and a determination of permissible use. Instead Penrith City Council has decided that “it is not in the public interest" for these gents to have the freedom to carry out business here. A truly galling idea given the boys fund-raised $39,000+ for the NICU at Nepean Hospital just two months ago. 

If you believe that Penrith City Council should forgo the prohibitive conditions and allow Crossbones Gallery to get on with trading, please sign this petition. 

It is my hope that community support will help Penrith City Council see sense and understand there is significant public interest. Allowing Penrith City Council to resend the conditions before the boys forced to spend 10s of 1000s of dollars going to court. 

Speak up, Sign up and Share this far and wide. 

- Mark