Gun Licensing for Pennsylvania

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From 2001 to 2010, 5,061 people were murdered by guns in Pennsylvania; this is more than all the U.S. combat deaths in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The rate of gun homicides in Pennsylvania is among the highest in the nation, particularly within communities of color. Additionally, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence gave Pennsylvania a 26 out of the 100 possible points on their 2011 scorecard, indicating that Pennsylvania is exceedingly poor at regulating who is able to access guns. As a result, thousands of lives in Pennsylvania are taken each year, making guns a serious threat to our health and survival. Despite the clear evidence that guns are taking a toll on our health, the issue of gun violence is given very little funding in comparison to other issues, even those with death rates that are much lower than those due to gun violence. In an attempt to enact reform, we’ve created a proposal mimicking the driver’s license system that would require gun owners to obtain a license.

Our proposal encompasses a four step licensing process:

One needs a mental health appointment with a doctor to assess their mental health. This assesses whether or not an individual is capable of being a danger to themselves or to others, ensuring that a gun cannot be used to endanger any life.
A state background check must be thoroughly completed.
One must take and pass an educational course which would cover basic gun information (parts of a gun, assembly of a gun) and details regarding gun safety (how to properly store, how to safely use, and proper safety precautions).
Practice safely and properly shooting a gun is required under the careful watch of a safety instructor.

After each of these steps has been completed in this order, an individual will then be granted a license permitting them to purchase guns, shoot guns at shooting ranges, and apply for hunting licenses. Essentially, a license will be required in order to utilize the services available to gun owners, making non-compliant owners unable to enjoy the benefits of gun ownership.

If you support our proposal, please sign to indicate your support. This petition will be referenced in a formal letter written to Pennsylvania representatives to demonstrate the support for gun reform from our fellow Pennsylvanians.


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