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Red Means STOP! Keep our kids safe at their bus stops

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We teach our children from early on, "Red means 'stop', green means 'go'". Why is it our children understand this simple concept but not adults? Too many people not only disobey the posted speed limits in school zones, but also completely disregard school buses when they activate their flashing red lights and extend their stop-arms. We need to increase the fines and punishments in Pennsylvania and install stop-arm cameras in all buses before the unthinkable happens and one of our children gets killed. Increasing the fines and punishments and installing stop-arm cameras will not only make people think twice about ignoring the School Bus Passing Law, but it will incentivize local police to want to apprehend these people who don't seem to care about the welfare of our state's children...AND it will potentially save lives. Please sign and share this petition as a statement that you value the life of a child; if WE don't protect them WHO WILL? Thank you 

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