Stop the Death Penalty in Pennsylvania

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The death penalty is a premeditated murder and a conscious and deliberate killing.  This is hypocrisy and against the progress and good human nature of this world. 

The death penalty is old, outdated, barbaric, and against the evolution of mankind.  The problem is that individuals and mankind as a whole can't grow and make true progress if they are condemned to torture and death after committing errors.  Every human beings makes errors and mistakes, and the people who commit gruesome and heinous crimes are of course, sick in their thinking  But each person needs to have the opportunity for atonement. This is possible if a person is isolated from society and spends a lot of time and hard work, with the proper rehabilitation, to understand their ill thinking and behavior and why their crimes are wrong.  This will never occur if a person is sentenced to death and tortured.  Furthermore, it will never lead the right example to others in neighboring U.S. states, countries across the world, and the children that will be both inheriting and creating our planet's future.

The death penalty does not deter crime.  This is because criminals, in their sick and illogical thinking, don't think they will get caught.  In countries that have abolished the death penalty, crime has not risen in proportion to the growing population. 

Two wrongs will never make a right, and the hypocrisy and gruesome advocacy of the death penalty is an example of the primitive thinking and nature not of criminal offenders, but of normal citizens and leaders that call for such a barbaric action.