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Change the H-Code Status of Selwyn Brown

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Mr. Selwyn Brown is incarcerated at SCI Greene.  Earlier in his prison term he was given the status of H-code which is high risk because of his association with the Nations of Gods and Earths (NGE).  He was also labeled an escape risk.  If anyone has been inside a prison, they would recognize there is no way to escape a prison, especially from solitary which is a prison within a prison.  Prisons all across the country falsely  labeled NGE a gang.   Today,  prisons have accepted that they are not a gang.  At some point Pennsylvania dropped the label but are still classifying Mr. Brown as being gang related and are labeling him Security Threat Group (STG).  STG has been used to continue the oppression and suppression of prisoners as a method of control and retaliation.  The DOJ found the use of solitary in Pennsylvania to be illegal in some cases.  So, you see they have a whole new form of solitary based on STG.  Many people who have never even been in a gang are being thrown into the STG because of their race, beliefs or background.

Mr. Brown has been misconduct free for over 10 years.   He was promised that this label would be removed by several top DOC officials.  Now they have reneged on that promise.  He is unable to get any of the education that one needs to be paroled.  He has to be moved every 90 days because of this status.  Currently, he is being retaliated against by being thrown in the hole.  

This petition is demanding the h-code be removed so that Mr. Brown can better himself by taking classes and acquiring trades and skills that will make him both parole ready and employable when he returns to society.   He is not asking for a favor. He is asking to do what he came to do, to get his chance at rehabilitation.  

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