Boycott Hum TV and the Celebrities who failed to Vote in the Pakistan Elections 2018

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We, the citizens of Pakistan are extremely disappointed with HUM TV network for hosting the Hum Awards in Toronto, in the same week as the Pakistani General Elections 2018.  We are also equally disappointed with those celebrities who chose not to fulfill their civic duty and left for Toronto, for the Awards, without voting.

We are tired of the hypocrisy of these celebrities who can come in ads portraying patriotism to sell their brands and make money, but who do not even bother to vote when each vote counts the most. These celebrities should know that it is Pakistan that has given them their fame and status- therefore, it was of the utmost importance that they carry out their civic duty with diligence.

We request PEMRA to take notice of the careless attitude of HUM TV with regards to the General Elections. We would also like all Pakistanis around the world to boycott the HUM Awards and Hum TV channel as well as the celebrities who left without voting. We will unfollow all social media accounts of the celebrities in question and also those of HUM TV. 

We will no longer be made a fool of by these celebrities who pretend to be patriotic, only for their ads, while selling coffee, tea or fizzy drinks, but in reality they could not care less about what happens to their country. 

We would like a public apology by the celebrities who failed to vote because of the HUM awards, as well as by HUM TV for taking this extremely wrong step at a crucial time for Pakistan, when each and every vote was very much needed. 

We would also like to thank those celebrities who made the effort to stay and cast their vote for the betterment of our country. They are inspiring and lead by example.