Ban morning shows minting TRP on other's pain,skin whitening,marrying the already married!

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Lately morning shows in pakistan have stooped to a new low where they rip apart ethics of good entertainment. Recently Sanam Baloch at a morning show invited Amir Liaqat Hussain,his newly wed wife and passed some spiteful remarks against his first wife and judged her religious education and upbringing of kids.

She very vocally advocated second marriage; no doubt it is permitted in Islam but Islam asks for justice between the wives which was not maintained by Amir Liaqat. 

Food and internet charges are not the only things first wife and kids needs. Bad mouthing a previous spouse on a public platform is not justice.

The second thing these morning shows have been professing is body negativity among young girls and women and going to as far as injecting whitening serums to 15 years old girls.

We at Womenfront need concerned authorities to serve notices or warn these channels to revise their content.