Save Freshwater West beach from construction

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This petition is to stop any construction and disruption at Freshwater West beach, Pembrokeshire.  The beach to the locals is the 'best beach in the world', and is loved by many people from all over the world.  We cannot accept any construction work on or around this beach, or any of the beaches in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.  Would it be acceptable to do this construction on Fistral Beach, Cornwall?

Greenlink Interconnector Ltd ( want to build an electricity interlink between Ireland and Great Britain.  The link will be connected in Wales to Pembroke B Power Station.  The current plan is for the power cable to come on land at Freshwater West beach.

The construction if approved would take 3 years, including construction in the bay, on the beach, sand dunes, and then a route from Freshwater West to the power station.  There is a meeting on 4th April in Pembroke Town Hall where the project team are happy to answer questions about minimising disruption to traffic and business in the area.  I am not aware that there has been anything similar to discuss the ecological impact on the beach and surrounding area during and after the construction.

In a council meeting in January 2019 it was discussed that depending on the geology of Freshwater West beach the link may have to be on the surface on the beach.  My assumption here is that it will then need to be secured, which would mean steel security fencing permanently on Freshwater West beach, or at least a concrete structure.

It is understood that the cost of laying the interconnector into the haven and directly to the power station is not financially feasible due to the estuary being dredged and therefore the cable would need to be buried.  In my mind it is not ecologically feasible to disrupt the marine or beach environment, for any amount of money, or electric power.

Please support this petition to STOP/DECLINE any planning applications regarding to Freshwater West beach.