Keep Fresh West Wild and FREE (for the people of Pembrokeshire)

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The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (PCNPA) has received an application from The National Trust to impose huge parking tariffs at Freshwater West. They want to erect big, black ugly signage warning you that they will charge you £100.00 (per day) if you park there after 10 pm. All three carparks will be out of bounds and since there really isn't anywhere else to park - it's a curfew. This means no more late night fishing; no more wild camping and late night BBq's; no midnight swimming and no more dawn photographs...Fresh West is one of the only wild and free places left on our coastline where you can go and it doesn't cost you a penny -  it has ALWAYS been free! The worst part is that this money making enterprise will be contracted out and managed by a private company (District Enforcement Ltd) based in Leicestershire (in England no less!) who, make no mistake, care nothing for our way of life - they are in business for one thing only: Profit. Does this mean CCTV cameras too? - in an area of outstanding natural beauty? Surely not?

Please sign this petition to show The National Trust, PCNPA and Pembrokeshire County Council that we, the people of Pembrokeshire, refuse to accept this draconian proposal and we will not give up our wild and free natural spaces to those whose only motivation is to line their own pockets at our expense. Thank you.