Tomorrow should be a snow day (PDSB)

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I believe that tomorrow should be a snow day because of the harsh conditions. The weather has been very harsh so far, and with many casualties and snowfalls coming into play, a snowday should be the best option. So far, there has been no snow removal in the streets, so it is more likely for accidents to happen. Also, most of the busses used to transport the students to school are rear wheel drive, and with all the slippery roads and the torque being distributed to the rear axles, it will be easier for the busses to slip out and lose traction on these roads. Most importantly, there are many students that walk home from school daily, with no snow removal or ice removal on the sidewalks, there could be a higher risk of injuries for the children. Many students have been working hard on their assignments too, and with midterms around the corner, our workloads have become extremely high. It is best that everyone has a break, which is why tomorrow should be a snow day.

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