Reinstate Keith Preddie’s P.E. License

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At the age of 80, D.C.R.A. has decided to suspend the license of one of the oldest and most well known black engineers in the Washington D.C. area.

Mr. Keith Preddie P.E. has serviced DC, MD and VA for over 50 years, by helping any and everyone who has come to him for help. No matter how big or small the job. No matter how rich or poor the client. He developed a reputation for helping the “little people”, often taking on projects for free or next to nothing, in order to help small business and home owners achieve goals that they wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. 

Mr. Preddie is responsible for the design/development of thousands of  properties, including some of the most popular Night Clubs (Park Ave, Ozios, H20, Zanzibar On the Waterfront, Platinum, Black Hole, Tunnel, DC Star, Crossroads etc.), Restaurants and thousands upon thousands of private properties and offices throughout the DMV. During the course of his career he designed the electrical tranformers along the Amtrak lines from Boston to North Carolina, and was an engineer on the Discovery Space Shuttle! He is also a former assistant manager of the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs. 

Keith Preddie is also well known as a former Professor of Engineering at UDC and has dedicated a major part of his career to teaching and mentoring young inspiring engineers and architects, in and out of the classroom. In fact several current employees of the agency seeking to revoke his license are former students and mentees of Mr. Preddie. 

After all these years of engineering & public service, with NO violations, lawsuits, presence of public endangerment (no failed structures or failed designs etc.) and no concrete grounds to stand on, the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs has spearheaded a motion to Revoke his license. They have not provided Mr. Preddie with any solid explanations or reasons as to why they want his license to be taken away. 

Upon his suspension in June, Mr. Preddie now can not work and earn money to take care of his wife & family, including his daughter in college and his grand and great-grand children. He can no longer help out the community or provide services for those who otherwise cannot afford it. 

If DCRA is successful in revoking Mr. Keith Preddie’s license, it will be a great loss to our community and the engineering industry. His immense knowledge is invaluable and he has shared it willingly and vastly. His sense of dedication to the “little person” or “poor man” had created opportunities for some that they would have never had if it wasn’t for him. 

Please sign our petition so that Mr. Preddie can continue providing his contribution to society and his family and community! 

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