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No Dolphin Rescue Display Tanks At The Vancouver Aquarium

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GREAT NEWS! The Vancouver Aquarium agreed to end cetacean captivity! Well, sort of.

First join us in giving a whale of a THANK YOU  to the Vancouver Park Board Commissioners for forcing the Aquarium into this decision by imposing a ban on keeping whales and dolphins performing in captivity in Stanley Park.

However, at a time when we should all be rejoicing, instead we remain concerned because THE AQUARIUM PLANS TO BUILD A NEW SHOW TANK FOR RESCUED DOLPHINS. A dolphin rescue pool should be built in the Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Center, or better still, build an ocean sanctuary - but DO NOT BUILD ANOTHER DOLPHIN SHOW TANK in Stanley Park, please.

The Aquarium's decision to end whale captivity was not based on ethical considerations. The Aquarium did not agree to stop it's money-making enterprise because the CEO suddenly realized that it is wrong to imprison highly intelligent whales and dolphins and force them to perform for food. It was purely a financial decision as attendance and fundraising were down due to the controversy.

Now the Aquarium wants to build a public display tank in Stanley Park to "temporarily" keep rescued cetaceans. That would mean that any dolphin placed on display would become imprinted on humans, possibly sealing the dolphin's fate to always live in a whale jail, and never be released into a sea sanctuary.

Furthermore, history shows that the Aquarium considers a dolphin captured in Japan and kept for a decade performing in a Japanese aquarium, a "rescued" dolphin. That was the claim used by the Aquarium to purchase and import the last three performing dolphins from Japan. If Park Board Commissioners allow a new dolphin display tank to be built in Stanley Park, the Aquarium would then be able to keep any dolphin "rescued" locally or anywhere in the world, making sure that that show tank is always filled. And so the status quo would remain while the Aquarium pretends to be out of the commercial trade in cetaceans.

The Aquarium's plans are completely unacceptable and we urge the Commissioners to put an end to them. If not in a sea sanctuary, the Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Center is really where a private cetacean rescue pool should be built. Otherwise, this tourist attraction would no doubt make sure to keep that new tank full, no matter where the new "rescued" dolphins come from.

Join us in urging the Vancouver Park Board Commissioners to stop the Aquarium's plans to build a new "rescued" dolphin public display tank in Stanley Park.

Thank you!

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