stop cash app, paypal and venmo from discriminating against legal forms of sex work

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Cash App, Venmo and Paypal all three have one thing in common; they discriminate against people who rely on legal forms of sex work. Pornstars, Adult Content Creators, Cam Girls, Sugar Babies, etc. This is borderline unconstitutional. How is that all of these apps allow business transactions but prohibit the exchange of legal “sex work”? A legal business is a legal business and should be treated as such — not as an illegal business. Cash App, Venmo and Paypal permanently remove accounts that are reported to be associated with legal forms of sex work with no questions asked. Sex worker rights are human rights. Due to this unfair inconvenience legal sex workers are forced to turn to adult content sites who take 20-40% of their profits not including taxes. It is also noted that the CEO of cash app is also the co founder of twitter; who in fact allows adult content on their website. I encourage cash app, venmo and paypal to do the right thing and give legal sex workers rights. I feel if an account is reported for adult content; they should inquire the models about government ID to prove they are 18+ or there should be an option within the app to verify with a photo of ones self next to government ID — like on adult content sites. Please stop discriminating against a legal form of work.