Get PayPal to Add a "Preferred Name" Section

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THE PROBLEM: As many of you may know, PayPal requires its users to input their legal name when signing up. However, this is a serious problem for those of us who do not go by our legal name for whatever reason. It can cause confusion if users go by a nickname that is different from their legal name. It can also be detrimental to its transgender users such as myself, who have not yet been able to legally change our name. To force us to use our legal name publicly is to risk harm to us. It can cause us to receive harassment, and can cause dysphoria.

THE SOLUTION: This petition’s goal is to urge PayPal add a “Preferred Name” section that can be edited at any time. With this section, the name we actually go by is shown when we share our PayPal with others, rather than our legal name, if the two names differ. In addition to adding this section, this petition asks PayPal to give us the option of keeping our legal name private. This will not only help prevent confusion if people have a nickname that is different from their legal name. It will also greatly benefit transgender people and help prevent harassment and dysphoria.

I strongly urge you to consider this proposal in order to prove PayPal as a supporter of all of its users, and as an ally of the transgender community.

Thank you!

UPDATE JUNE 19: I got a reply from a PayPal representative, and they said that the best way to propose any changes, including this one, is to submit a feature request via the "Feedback" button at the bottom of the PayPal website. They also said that the more people who do so, the better! So please, if you would like to see this section added, utilize their feedback button.