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Allow Regretsy's Secret Santa to continue

Links may have some strong language, so please be forewarned.

Helen Killer and Bronc Drywall, together with their Regretsy followers, are just trying to spread a little Christmas cheer to children who would otherwise have nothing for Christmas -

However, because Helen used the wrong button (she used "donate" instead of "buy now" or "shopping cart") PayPal have requested that she return all donations. This was despite the fact that it doesn't specifically say anywhere that the "donate" button is only for non-profit organisations, or that it can't be used by corporations who want to assist the needy -

PayPal's has also suspended Helen's personal account, including funds that are in no way related to the Christmas gift giving. When she asked how to close her account, she was told that she had to refund all the money, admit what she did was wrong, promise never to do it again and request permission to close her account.

Helen has tried to resolve the issue, but after a very unhelpful discussion with a PayPal representative, PayPal has refused to back down -

We want to send a message to PayPal that this is a heartless act. Mistakes happen, and Helen and Bronc are only trying to help families in need during the Christmas season. Everyone who donated knew what it was for, and have no reason to ever doubt that Regretsy's actions were in good faith. They've supported many charitable organisations previoiusly with no problem at all - We want PayPal to allow this selfless act to proceed and show that they also support children and families who may well have no gifts to open this Christmas.

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