Pay Peer Health Educators (PHEs) an Equal Wage

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Peer Health Educators (PHEs) at Stanford play an essential role in the residential community, providing extensive services ranging from peer coaching, referrals to mental and physical health resources, hosting creative workshops on alcohol use and safe sex, and even administering paraclinical first aid. They perform all of these tasks on top of other staffing responsibilities that are highly congruous with the Residential Assistant (RA) scope of work. However, PHEs are paid only $3,075 for a year in contrast to the average RA salary of roughly $11,000, which means that PHEs receive 30% of compensation for the same workload. 

We are glad that the ResX Task Force is actively looking for ways to improve the residential experience for every Stanford student. We wholeheartedly agree that “Mental Health and Well-Being” is a key component of student success and should be supported on both an individual basis and institutionally. But Stanford’s failure to adequately compensate the people that dedicate their lives to uphold this standard and this communal necessity, indicates either ignorance or indifference towards the PHE program. We hope that by working with ResX, the Stanford community, and other stakeholders, we can eliminate this attitude and focus on creating an environment where student potential is unlimited and where the winds of freedom truly blow.