Pay Back 33,000 Toys R Us Employees Before Opening Geoffrey's Toy Box

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America’s favorite toy store is gone – and it wasn’t bad sales that killed Toys R Us, it was Wall Street greed.

The same Wall Street hedge funds that forced Toys R Us into liquidation and robbed 33,000 people of their jobs are planning a revival of the company called Geoffrey’s Toy Box.

That’s right – the same billionaires that bought up Toys R Us debt and shut down stores everywhere to line their pockets with millions of dollars are trying to do it again. They said Geoffrey the Giraffe is “back from vacation.” A shock to the families of the 33,000 employees who lost their jobs in June and who have been struggling to pay the bills these last few months.

These Wall Street hedge fund vultures – including Solus and Angelo Gordon – filed an application for trademark for Geoffrey’s Toy Box on June 20, 2018, ten days before closing hundreds of Toys R Us stores and laying off tens of thousands of employees without the $75 million in hard earned severance pay they were promised.

Now they’re trying to make a quick buck off of our love for Geoffrey the Giraffe. And we’re not buying it.

These hedge funds – Solus, Angelo Gordon, and others – have refused to contribute to the Toys R Us Family Fund, created by the company’s former owners, that will relieve some of the economic pain of families who relied on jobs at Toys R Us.

Sign the petition to stand with former Toys R Us employees and their families. Tell these billionaires instead to contribute to the Toys R Us Family Fund to help hard-working people get back on their feet.