Dog Shelter for the Community

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It has always been an issue in every barangay that stray dogs have been filling up every corner in Bagong Silang. According to the residents, stray dogs create a ruckus and disturbance in the community because these dogs do not have any permanent shelter and home. Do keep in mind that, these dogs are only victims of their owners who discarded them in the streets when they no longer have enough money to feed and provide the dogs’ needs or they are already sick with their pets and wanted to BUY another pet. This action is the reason why there are so many left out dogs everywhere, and left them no choice but to wander in the streets without any roof and source of food.

Dog owners continue to buy pets and breed them with another breed of dog, when in reality, they have the ability and the chance to adopt and rescue dogs from the streets. This action only prevents an opportunity for lost dogs to finally find a home for them.

Having no shelter and home, these dogs are usually seen on the streets, dodging vehicles to live, going through garbages for a chance to find food, seeking to have something above their head when the rainy season came, and probably hoping to finally have the chance to be treated with care.

Animals are living things that should not be treated like an object and should be treated with care and consideration. If you have a pet, imagine your pet as one of those stray dogs that are pitiful wandering to different places, without a shelter, without a roof, and treated like dirt.

Many dogs’ lives have been taken because of this issue and this petition aims to end the suffering of these dogs from cruelty, intentionally or unintentionally.