Attention: Our puppers need shelter!

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Our relationship with dogs runs deeper than we think. Whether it’s the slobbery smile on their face when you get home from work or even the clumsy way they lunge at you, dogs have the distinct capacity to alleviate our everyday burdens. Sadly, a rising number of our canine companions are roaming hopelessly around the busy streets of Marikina, with nowhere else to go but the cold rusty cages found inside the city pound.

Normally, stray dogs that have been captured are placed in the pound where they are kept for a fixed holding period of five (5) days only. Upon the expiry of this holding period, if the owners do not claim ownership of the captured dogs, or if no one else adopts them, they are euthanized which is still considered legal under approved methods of euthanasia stated in Administrative Order 13 Revised Rules on Euthanasia for Animals.

Dogs impounded at the Marikina City Veterinary Office (CVO) are also crammed into small cages coupled with poor ventilation and limited nutriment. Fights often break out because of such stressful conditions, leaving dogs to succumb to their fatal injuries due to limited medical attention.

It is in this light that we appeal to the compassion of anyone reading this petition to provide shelters for the impounded dogs of Marikina. We highly encourage all dog enthusiasts to adopt dogs, instead of buying them at the local pet shops. For one, it costs less to get a shelter dog rather than a purebred puppy. At present, there is NO ADOPTION FEE for the CVO impounding area. On another note, being infected with rabies is not much of a concern, as anti-rabies vaccination (priced only at P75) is a prerequisite for impounded dogs before they are released. You can also “try out” first yourself before you make commit to taking care of a dog! As opposed to buying a puppy, a certain trial period is given to those who wish to adopt a dog. Most of all, you’ll be saving a dog’s life. It is truly rewarding to be able to breathe hope into a dog who has been abandoned for the most part of his life.

Similarly, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) campaigns for the adoption of animals from an animal shelter/welfare organization or pound versus the purchase of an animal from a breeder or a pet shop. As a matter of fact, pet shops are crawling with irresponsible breeders who are apathetic towards the welfare or the conditions of the animal since they breed for profit.

Together with Marikina CVO and PAWS, may we breathe hope into dogs that have been left astray, and provide shelter for our dear puppers!