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Animal Cruelty Awareness In The Philippines

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On a Sunday, September 4 to be exact, a Siberian husky named Dixie was sent to her family’s farm to play until the dog heard lightning and in her shock, ran off.  Michelle Marquez Dee, Dixie’s owner posted on twitter about it. They were willing to give a Php 20,000 reward to whoever will return their beloved pet.  On September 8, someone reported that a lifeless dog was found heavily beaten by a creek near the family’s farm and the family later confirmed that it was indeed Dixie.

This news went viral on Thursday night as Dee shared photos of Dixie’s terrible fate and sparked the conversation about animal cruelty nationwide.

While there is a law protecting animals from human mistreatment, many cases remain unsolved or completely unsung due to lack of evidence or being unable to find a culprit to pinpoint. It makes people think that this is a fairly easy crime to get away with and this is what this petition wants to combat.

We were taught in school that humans are the highest form of beings but it seems that we have failed to instill in ourselves that it does not give us the right nor the power to harm or kill any other forms of life. A life is a life no matter what. We want this petition to serve as a reminder that as humans, we have the responsibility to protect all the life that surrounds us instead of giving them torment and leading them to a cruel end.

We urge everyone who signs this petition to report cases, gather as much evidence, help pet owners and raise awareness to fight against animal cruelty. Please don’t let Dixie’s death and every death before and after her go in vain.

Animals deserve a little humanity as well.


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