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Enforce Animal Welfare and the law on Ireland's Puppy Farms

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Irelands reputation is in shreds when it comes to animal welfare, in particular its shameful title as Puppy  Farm Capital of Europe. Ireland is increasingly viewed as a country that puts profit first with a  dark side of animal neglect & cruelty and a  government that appears unwilling to take any kind of meaningful action.

  Despite a plethora of evidence, including BBC  documentaries, mainstream media reports, submissions of evidence from animal welfare charities like the  ISPCA and other long time campaigners, these battery farmed dogs continue to have their health and wellbeing gravely neglected by those who should be enforcing not ignoring the Animal Welfare act, DBE  regulations and common sense.

Increasing evidence has shown factory bred puppies are far more likely to carry physical & mental issues that can carry on through their entire lives. This can result in extremely high vet bills, painful death, difficulties in training and socialisation or as can be seen in any rescue through-out the  country, the puppy being surrendered or dumped. The unsuspecting public buying these poorly bred dogs have little or no comeback and no idea of the horrendous conditions the parents are kept in.  It would almost appear to be a licensed scam

 A ban on all Dog Breeding Establishments is preferable but until this can happen this petition is calling for a suspension of any new licences or upgrading of licences being handed out in any county until the many legal, ethical and environmental issues have been addressed including, but not limited to: 

  1. The Environmental Impact of high volumes of toxic parasitic dog faeces & kennel detritus being spread in fields 

  2. Why councils, county planning boards, local authority vets appear to continue to allow violations of animal welfare, planning law and DBE licences with no discernible  repercussions for the farmer or accountability on the part of the official bodies. 

  3. All inspections are performed without notice, in cooperation with willing qualified animal welfare charities/rescues or other objective agency unconnected to the particular council 

  4. Penalties are set that are timely and a deterrent to animal welfare failures not a slap on the wrist, retroactive planning permission nor unenforced improvement notices. 

  5. The smuggling of underage puppies, spreading Irelands shame into other countries

   Those fuelling this "industry" with no respect to the law or regulations, whether farmer  or official body, must be held answerable and accountable.

 It is time Ireland became a leading force for decent, proper care of all animals.

Petition will be sent to 

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar 

Local Authority Management 

Damien English Dept of Environment Community and Local Government    

Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine 

An Bord

Veterinary Council of Ireland 

Euro Group For Animals Animal Welfare and Conservation.


Environmental Impacts of Puppy Mills The Humane Society of the United States

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