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Telegram is one of the key communication channels for the global crypto community. But at the same time, it is a primary weapon that inventive scammers use to reach out and take advantage of inexperienced token sale community members.

Scammers imitate team members or, most commonly, group admins by copying avatars and using same names (or similar). Additionally, they can use project logo and create a fake Telegram account naming it "The Official Group", "Support", etc., to offer any type of "help" to community members.

There are numerous scammers that send false links with "helpful" or "useful" info about the project. These links are looking genuine, however, they lead to phishing twin sites with fake ETH addresses, false news accounts, etc. More often, scammers send personal (direct) messages to users and persuade them to share ETH.

Scammers make "official announcements" with the project logo, images of admins or core team members. These fake news also contain false links, alongside other relevant information that helps them look original. The most popular “announcement” is about the start of the token sale, that calls to contribute immediately to the fraud ETH wallet.

We can think of lots of other types of scam attacks on Telegram. Dozens of them, literally. To protect our community and the project, we spend a lot of time deleting false accounts, reporting scammers, devising new protection mechanisms and educating community members.

Scamming is very lucrative, and scammers are cashing in on popular ICO projects. Some potential contributors send all their crypto to scammers, believing they are true team members or admins.

We are curious, how long do we have to tolerate this? When will Telegram finally counter scam? These are the questions with no answers.

We got really tired from excessive scam on Telegram. If Telegram team can’t think up the way to get rid of it, they can use this hint at least: introduce a personal setting, that will prevent strangers, that don’t share same channels with you and don’t even know your phone number, from sending direct messages to you. This may become the first step in a large-scale antiscam campaign that should be unrolled on Telegram.

Everyone who cares about the fate of the crypto industry and can not watch the scammers steal users hiding behind the mask of the ICO administration, sign this petition that we have prepared.

Sign The Petition and Remove Scam From Telegram.

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