Podar School - New uniform, Not Acceptable !

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Dear Podar School Management, 

We, parents of Podar School, totally and unanimously oppose the new uniforms on the basis of the following:
- The light colored skirts are a problem for our girls as they easily get stained. Wrap around skirts are troublesome to manage for little girls.
- Tough to manage full sleeve shirts and full pants for boys from primary grades especially during monsoons.  
- Full sleeve shirts will be uncomfortable for boys especially in humid weather conditions (like Mumbai).
- The PT uniforms are gender discrimination i.e. pink tops for girls and blue for boys
- These uniforms have not been even discussed forget approval by the parents body.

We oppose theses changes as these do not enhance the children and their future and is just another money making gimmick and these uniforms are creating gender stereotypes and discrimination between our children based on their genders. 

We demand rollback of the new uniform pattern and continue with the old uniform pattern (Navy blue pant / skirts, blue with white striped shirt / top)

All Concerned Parents !